About Us

Golden Noodle is a company founded by friends Esrah van Schendelen (interior designer/jewellery designer) and Lisa Maschhaupt (taxidermist/ hairdresser). They’re ready to rock the world with their kickass collection of golden name necklaces which are soon to be accompanied by more shiny golden jewellery.
The girls found common ground in their heartfelt love for the dutch capital and spent many weekends together roaming around in their favourite area, China Town. With Amsterdam as their playground and a life full of fashion, parties and art, they were inspired to start a new venture built on friendship and creativity.

All it took was one night, a Chinese meal at Nam Kee and numerous whiskey sours.
Soon came a year of searching for the perfect producers, the right material and building a brand culture that sets them apart from the rest.
Taking life as it comes and – above all – not taking it too seriously, Golden Noodle is a fashion jewellery brand to be worn with a wink and a smile. The collections are produced with an eye for quality and the latest coolness. The Golden Noodle girls are always open for an exciting collaboration. Looking for the most badass way to kick-start your company, event or cause? Or are you a on the hunt for the per-fect Christmas present? Share your ideas and get ready to create some golden magic together!
Golden Noodle will take the Dam (and the world, of course) by a storm with their treasure chest filled with golden ideas for the future. Next stop: world domination, leaving a smile on the faces of all the amazeballs people they come across.